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Guest opinion: Being helpful when you're feeling helpless

March 27, 2020 With anxiety and uncertainty, the signs of these modern times, the loss of control over the future may leave people feeling helpless or hopeless and wondering what they can do. more »»

By whose authority are religious memorial markers allowed on roads?

March 27, 2020 To the editor: Can anyone tell me why religious icons are proliferating on the medians of our roadways? I’ve been asking this question to the Mayor, the City Attorney and the City Council since June... more »»

County owes the public some answers

March 27, 2020 To the editor: So here we are. Unprepared. Scared. Vulnerable. We take precautions. We practice social distancing. We attend to our families first, then our neighbors, friends and colleague. more »»

Big government intervention

March 27, 2020 To the editor: The probability exists that many US citizens will receive a check from the government due to the effects of the coronavirus on the troubled econom. more »»

Personal responsibility is paramount

March 27, 2020 To the editor: I am sharing a note I put together last week in an attempt to emphasize the need to exercise personal responsibility, follow the recognized medical experts' advice and to unite in... more »»

The sky is not falling

March 27, 2020 To the editor: The coronavirus according to CDC has so far killed at least 155 people and sickened more than 9,400 across the United States, forcing schools, churches to close, professional sports... more »»

Dollars and politics

March 27, 2020 To the editor: A new pandemic is hardly surprising. They are fairly common, though few are as vicious as the current one. more »»

Protect yourself, help others: Stop smoking

March 27, 2020 To the editor: While Gov. DeSantis is dithering away precious time the co-vir 19 pandemic spreads virtually unsuspected in Florida. more »»

What are they thinking?

March 20, 2020 To the editor: I went to the store and found toilet paper is gone everywhere. I am told some people come in every morning to buy more when it is restocked. more »»

Many thanks to Operation Open Arms

March 20, 2020 To the editor: This letter is to let everyone know our appreciation for the non-profit group Operation Open Arms (OOA), which generously donated a professionally guided fishing trip last week for m... more »»

Abortion should not be taxpayer funded

March 20, 2020 To the editor: I’d like to speak to the idea that abortion is not tax funded. more »»

The Spoils System?

March 13, 2020 To the editor: We seem to be observing a variation of the scandalous “Spoils System” in Cape Coral. more »»

Guest opinion: It’s important for residents to take part in the Census

March 13, 2020 In mid-March households across the nation will receive postcards from the US Census Bureau on how to complete the 2020 Census survey. more »»

Rising ocean waters a concern for homeowners with seawalls

March 13, 2020 To the editor: Are you a property owner with a seawall? I am, too, and we need help! I am not interested in the causes or reason for the water rise, but I am interested in the fact that the water is... more »»

Guest opinion: Affordable housing: A women and children’s issue

March 13, 2020 The issue of home affordability touches everyone in our community. No group, however, is more adversely impacted by the shortage of affordable and available housing than female-headed households. more »»

Federal response to coronavirus has been magnificent

March 13, 2020 To the editor: Once again, a leading Democrat ignores propriety and uses a national emergency to babble political misrepresentations. more »»

Choice of Pence to lead coronavirus alliance wrong

March 13, 2020 To the editor: I am a constituent on Pine Island and a member of the Blue Wave Coalition and I am appalled at the choice of VP Pence as a leader of the coronavirus information alliance. more »»

Lincoln misquoted

March 13, 2020 To editor: Simply stated, Abraham Lincoln did not say: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within. more »»

State Legislature disappoints

March 13, 2020 To the editor: Two years of legislative disappointment have engaged more community advocates into action. more »»

This week's cartoon by Cathy Cochrane

March 12, 2020 Bait and switch: This week's cartoon by Cathy Cochrane... more »»



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