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Guest opinion: Yes, those without party affiliation can vote in the Aug. 18 Primary

July 3, 2020 “NPA” may sound like it could be an alien from another planet, or maybe a government agency, but it actually stands for “No Party Affiliation,” a term for those voters who choose not to register wit... more »»

Voters should decide whether to change Lee County’s name

July 3, 2020 Voters should decide whether to change Lee County’s name To the editor: Our Lee County braintrust is and has been considering changing the name of Lee County to whatever. more »»

Middle class key to America’s survival

July 3, 2020 To the editor: An open letter to President Trump Without a vibrant middle class this republic will not survive. more »»

USA is the Big Loser

July 3, 2020 To the editor: We have a choice … social distancing and use of a mask to stop the spread of coronavirus or face an economy that may not be healthy because we are not healthy. more »»

To mask or not to mask, that is the question

July 3, 2020 To the editor: I go for a morning exercise walk and at least 97 percent of the people I see do not wear a mask. I wear a mask to protect you and wonder why you can’t extend the same courtesy. more »»

Time to do the right thing

June 26, 2020 To the editor: Almost 20 years ago, the harmed Florida residents received a Walmart gift card for about $25. per tree. more »»

Where is our state leadership?

June 26, 2020 To the editor: Gov. DeSantis was roundly critiqued as feckless and reckless for opening Florida to infection from COVID-19. more »»

Remember Mekhi James

June 26, 2020 To the editor: Mekhi James -- do you recognize this name? Of course not! It’s the name of a 3-year-old boy who was shot and died over the weekend in Chicago. more »»

Tragedy strikes Chicago

June 26, 2020 To the editor: This past weekend from mid afternoon Friday through early Monday morning 106 people were shot in Chicago, 14 fatally, including five children. more »»

The new abnormal

June 26, 2020 To the editor: Originally masks were about lowering the curve. The curve has successfully been lowered. more »»


June 26, 2020 To the editor: Everyone makes mistakes. Even when voting for a president. Every politician running for the presidency will make promises that cannot be realistically achieved. And they know that. more »»

Guest opinion: Social isolation & loneliness and COVID-19

June 19, 2020 As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are required to be less social in order to avoid infecting themselves and others with the virus. more »»

Guest opinion:Lake Okeechobee: The water war continues

June 19, 2020 After many years of work by clean water advocates and with the leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis, Florida has finally adopted a balanced approach to water policy that gives all stakeholders input. more »»

Raises, tax rates, and residents

June 19, 2020 To the editor: I have to respond to Council’s proposed pay raise, now withdrawn. Let’s examine the argument for the raise. 1. Compensation determined by population—ridiculous on its face. more »»

COVID-19: Is this a time to reassess?

June 19, 2020 To the editor: COVID-19 has had an extreme negative affect on many aspects of our lives and the economy. Tourist reliant business have virtually shut down. more »»

Simply a matter of good public health

June 19, 2020 To the editor: The decision whether or not to wear a facial mask in public should never have become a political issue, or a symbol of a culture war. more »»

Trump understands America

June 19, 2020 To the editor: The Democrats’ opinion of President Trump was openly demonstrated when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in her pretty white suit, rose from her chair after Trump’s State of the Union... more »»

Time for change, indeed

June 12, 2020 To the editor: You are to be commended on the editorial regarding the (alleged) murder of George Floyd, who certainly died in police custody. more »»

Who’s to blame?

June 12, 2020 To the editor: Another crisis -- the criminal act of a policeman in Minneapolis! Who’s at fault? Minneapolis is totally run by Democrats -- Mayor, City Council, School Board, Police Chief etc. more »»

Time to rename Lee County

June 12, 2020 To the editor: Robert E. Lee fought to preserve human trafficking. It is time to rename Robert E. Lee County. There is a difference between remembering the past and learning from mistakes vs. more »»



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