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Playing in the Wind

March 5, 2010 - Steve Anderson

With this winter being one of the coldest and windiest ever in SW Florida, a lot of students of mine have been asking for advise when playing on these blustery days.  With just a few simple changes you can keep your ball staying straight and avoiid the gusts.

First, calculate that for each 10 mph of wind you will change clubs by one.  If you were hitting a 7-iron on a calm day you'd need a 6-iron when going into a 10 mph wind.  You'd then need a  5-iron into a 20 mph wind and so forth.  If you're hitting with the wind then go to a higher lofted iron, the 8 instead of the 7 for a 10 mph trail wind.

Second, widen out your stance just a few inches.  The wind may tend to blow you over somewhat so widening your stance out will give you a better base and foundation so you keep your balance.

Thrid.  Play the ball about an inch farther back in your stance than you normally would.  If you usually play a 7-iron in the middle of your stance, move it back an inch.  This de-lofts the club somewhat so your ball will fly just a bit lower to stay under the wind.  You also want to close your clubface just a fraction so you won't push the ball since you're plaing it that inch farther back.

Lastly, on a cross wind you want to ride the wind.  If the wind is blowing from left to right start your ball a bit up the left side and let the wind blow it toward your target.  Many amateurs try to turn the ball in to the wind and this is very difficult and usually knocks your ball dwon too much and you lose distance.  Ride the wind and let it be your friend.

Remember too that everyone else on the couse that day is struggling with the same wind so don't feel like you're getting the worst of it.


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