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More on Healthcare

November 23, 2009 - Ben Feldman
It seems as if the pols in Washington are demonstrating the proof to the argument, the pols are deaf to the people. Ahead the pols go, especially the suicidal Democrats to vote on, or cram down, our throats the health care THEY visualize as fair, just, equitable and humane. Cram they will to fulfill their venal dream of insurance by the state, for the state, and of the state, so help their souls. It is a madness, a fevered mania, the likes of which near the likeness of the tulip frenzy in yesteryear Holland when sane people went insane and bid up the price of tulips beyond the reach of even the stars. The bubble burst and many were ruined financially. Now the Democrats are caught in the teeth, the rabid teeth, of maniacal leaders trying to grab all the faithful they can and shore up the drive for a health csre legislation tha will, if passed, submerge America into the dark ages of health care. Nowhere have I ever witnessed such a rush to do the absolute worst. There is a drive in man to fight the life giving impulse. It is an impulse to be self destructive, indeed, it seeks to succed by being a death wish. The current competitive match serves to prove that man is irrational, and simply incapable of governing himself properly. It's a wonder Shakespeare emerged in mankind's consciousness. Or, for that matter it is amazing the Bill Of Rights was invented. These are the times that try men's soul.


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