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The Price of Leadership

October 19, 2009 - Ben Feldman
The unemployment rate is said to be just under 10%, nation wide. Our foreign policy got us the nobel prize for a President who is more celebrated than accomplished. He is also more demogogic than statesman-like while adroit at mind games with the American people. He also hates the profit motive and capitalism, believing in the iconography of the state, the leviathin "of passion and chaos", to borrow from Alexander Pope. But let us not blame all the modern absurdity on our President. He is just a child of the modern temper, or shall we say, ignoble temper. America is in trouble. The so called American exceptionalism has drowned its bones in the liberal ascendancy which, if truth unveil its face,is an appropriated socialism or fascism or crypto communism masked as the large tent of acceptance and toleration and multiculturalism, the code words for boobus americanus that mean individualism, and liberty, are on par with Mother Goose rhymes. That is, they are old, silly, childish and primitive intellectually. The great liberals of the past, those who were Jeffersonian to their bones and marrow, are probably banging on the doors of mortality screaming voiceless about congressional corrution and hurling invectives against Charley Rangell, Tim Geithner, Obama, Pelosi. In the background Alexander Pope says, "In folly's cup still laughs the bubble joy," as we Americans have no idea, no insight, no evidence to wit, on the political malfeacence. Oh it is there. What venal interests are pushing the politicians, those miscreants, to jam health insurance by the government down our gullet? The American people do not want it. So? Who are the villains? I am not sure but I say this in parting," Where ends the virtue, or begins the vice." It is true to say with confidence that human nature does not change. All is vanity, says the Bible. For dishonesty is like the moon, forever there. But if there come a day when a messenger or an angel approaches me and says"that the world's grown honest," I will say like Hamlet,"then is doomsday near?" Adieu.


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