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Healthcare, American Style

September 10, 2009 - Ben Feldman
First, full disclosure. I like our healthcare system. Second, this healthcare debate with town hall meetings and cannonball rhetoric is wonderful. I am an avowed capitalist, adore profits, especially the obscene vulgar ones that drive Obama and his ilk berserk and frothing at the mouth with socialist panic. And I do believe we need healthcare insurance reform. But like so many arguments in our great political theater of comedy we agree on the ends not the means. It is in the method that the socialists destroy themselves. For instance, Obama, the exalted on, despises profits. He believes that government will and can keep the insurance companies honest. That is rich humor if you can see it. But first I must digress to a bit of wisdom from Blaise Pascal the philosopher who was never touched by the disease humanitas. Pascal writes, intelligent men find original people.

What do the unintelligent find? A seat in congress.

As I was saying, it is the method that reveals the devil. The socialist-collectivist, which is Obama, believes that somehow government can eliminate waste and run efficiently without a profit and loss mechanism. Government has NO evidence to rest on that assertion. It does not exist and never has. You can not run a needs based free entity and control costs because the mentality is that someone else is paying so do whatever is needed and to whomever it is needed. All this rests on magical thinking which poppa Freud discovered long before Obama was born. George Reisman, an economist from the austrian school of economics and a follower of the brilliant economist Ludwig Von Mises, wrote an article for the Von Mises institute in which he stated that so many of our contemporaries, especially the intellectuals, can not and haven't " grasped the principle of causality and the fact that wealth must first be produced, {and}who believe instead that wealth appears as though by magic, and that they have a claim to it by the mere fact of needing it or wishing for it." That is why a socialist fantasy of universal healthcare is a fantastical chimera in the minds of the misguided. The silly argument that we are the only industrialized nation not to have universal health care which ought to compel our sensibilities to a higher calling avoids the facts in the other countries which show horrid consternation, neglect and conditions. For example, Yuri Maltsev, an economist from Russia who worked on Gorbachev's economic reform team before defecting to the US, and is now a senor fellow of the Mises institute, has written, in a recent article about the Russian health care system, that it was at least a hundred years behind the average US level. "Moreover, the filth, odors, cats roaming the halls, drunken medical personnel, and abscence of soap and cleaning supplies added to an overall impression of hopelessness and frustratin that paralyzed the system." He talks about dirty needles and HIV tainted blood in the state run hospitals. This sounds eerily similiar to the conditions in the hospitals in the middle ages. In civilized England, state of the art equipment is virtually non existent in most British hospitals, according to Meltsev. But Obama, especially in his speech last night to Congress, gives the impression of his infallible thinking on these matters and the infallible effectiveness of the government which is bloated, corrupt, and doesn't read its Bills. All of which leads me to leave this poem in conclusion.

Things are so bad, If Americans ever see a government, truthful, smaller, graft free, lobbyist free, pork spending free, solvent, constitutional and functional, we won't understand it.



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