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Times of Austerity

July 5, 2009 - Ben Feldman
These are the times that try mens souls. These words were written by Thomas Paine. Glenn Beck, the radio talk show commentator, has written a book called Common Sense which is reminiscent of Paine's eighteenth century tome. Yes, these are the times that try our souls dearly. On this recent holiday of America's birth, and severance from England, I decided to read again the Declaration of Independence. Beck's book, which I have not yet read, prompted me also to read Paine and the parts that stirred me. The Declaration is well worth reading again if only for the sentiment behind it. The Declaration signers were brave to sever their ties with England at treasonable peril too themselves. I must also say that it has been said by no less than the great classic historian Lord Acton that the creators of the Declaration and the constitutiion were considered to be the best political minds in the world at the time. And when you read Madison for example, you know you are reading a man with enormous mental endowment. Then, there is Tom. Tom Jefferson was was a classic liberal. Not the modern socialistic cryto communitst progressive liberal of today. Hardly. He wanted small, limited government. That's it. The corrupt bloated imperious ugly concoction of today would make Jefferson apoplectic. Madison's eyes would pop out. However, Hamilton would not be dismayed. No. He wanted a strong centralized government to control things. He also wanted a central bank. He would love the Federal Reserve and delight in its printing of dollars without limits. Indeed, to learn more read Thomas DiLorenzo's book Hamilton's Curse. DiLorenzo is an econpmist. He is articulate, clear, intelligent and not a quack like Bernanke, Geithner, or Summers. The Declaration says what so many of us know that King George imposed taxes on us without our consent. That our political leaders, when they are not whoring around like baboons, vote legislation that impose taxes on us without reading and understanding their substance is a cause that try our souls. When they disjoin remorse from power they fail us and leave us with cruel despair. I quote Shakespeare, "Rome, thou hast lost the breed of noble bloods." And where do we go to find another America? In its people, the hard working, God fearing and abiding souls who labor under a blanket of broken stars. These are austere times though our leaders haven't lived up to it. They are flush with cash. Rome, where are those noble bloods?


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