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Establishing a Good Weight Shift

May 28, 2009 - Steve Anderson
Every athlete in every sport uses his or her body to create power in their motion. Realizing that your body is much bigger, stronger and heavier than your arms is key to achieving maximum distance with your swing. A golf club weighs only 1 pound, your arms together weigh 5-6 pounds, where your body weight over 100 pounds. Swinging with your arms will not get you a lot of distance. A home run hitter steps into the pitch. A bowler slides his foot towar the foul line. A tennis player steps with their legs before the arms and raquet swing through. Getting your lower body to start your downswing is a key move in golf and every pro does just that. There are many ways to do or think about this move. Ben Hogan said to turn your hips toward the target. Arnold Palmer thought about driving his knees. Nick Faldo used to think about ending up with his knees touching at his follow through. A thought that I use a lot with my own students it to turn your belt buckle toward the target. This turn will pull and drive your right knee (for right handers) in toward the ball and will get your weight off your right leg and over to your left at impact. Many amateur players stay on their right leg too much and fail to get their weight moving forward toward the target. If your legs and lower body don't do anything then you'll only be using your arms. Finish your swing in balance up on your right toe with your belt buckle facing the target. With your legs now working they'll pull your arms through and create tremendous club head speed. A tour pro may be able to turn his lower body faster than most of us but with your legs driving more than in the past you'll start rocketing the ball out there in no time.


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