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When Did He Know?

May 19, 2009 - Ben Feldman
Recently our President spoke at a town hall meeting in New Mexico. He acted professorial and moralized to us about how we should live. He likes to tell us to live austerely while he and his cohorts continue life as it is. For instance, consider Congress. It exceeds its unlimited budget. What family can do that? Congress and the President are living in a waking psychosis. They have a sense of wild abandon with our money, all the while telling us they are taking care of us which is highly improbable and impossible because, you see, they are thinking. They should never have been given that responsibility. So, what did Obama say in New Mexico? He advised his audience of worshippers that we can not continue to borrow money from China. Really?!!!!!! When did he realize that? Before he signed his maniacal spending bill of trillions of dollars or after? If before, he is venal. If after, he is a cynic. In any case, he should have told Congress not New Mexico worshippers. He does wear his moral cloak of invincible purity well. In addition to the China warning he has also told the car companies that they must have new emission standards and mileage limits which he proclaims will reduce gas consumption saving us money. Only an economic innocent, which is what he is, would say that. It is pure nonsensical obscuratism. What makes up the price of gas? Well, one element is taxes. If less gas is consumed less revenue will go to the govie. Less revenue is not a user friendly term to the boys and girls of Congress. No sir and no maam. Less revenue means higher taxes somewhere or they have to cut the overhead. What is the overhead? Police, Fire, Sanitation, health, defense spending against terrorists(don't worry the terrorists will adjust their costs so we can be competitive in catching them). This President has never shown one whisper of understanding of economic science. Not one. Yet, here he is telling the American public what they need to do and what he and his merry brothers on the hill are planning. Here then is a question, if England is pursuing a course of self destruction, if other European governments are aspirating on their economic policies such as Spain, France, Ireland to name some then why in heavens name do rational thinking Americans proceed to the plank of socialized psychosis? Is there in man a magnet that draws idiots to lead and unhinges man or is man unhinged because he embraces the irrational which to him is exciting, promising, vital and in some perverse way normal?


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