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Club Fitting

April 22, 2009 - Steve Anderson
Having a set of clubs that matches up with your body type, swing speed, height and ability is crucial in your success to develop a sound, consistent golf game. 90% of golfer's clubs don't fit them properly as most golfers simply buy their clubs 'off the rack' ending up with a 'one size fits all' set of clubs. You must get your clubs professionally sized for you and your local PGA Pro can set up a club fitting session for you that will take 45 minutes or so.

This fitting session will allow the pro to see what shaft you should be playing be it stiff flex, men's regular flex, senior flex or ladies. Most amateurs use too stiff of a flex and are sacrificing distance and accuracy. Basically, the slower you swing you want more flex so your shaft can kick in at the bottom of your swing and help you get more power. The length and type of your shaft will also be determined.

Next is the 'lie angle'. This is the angle that the shaft comes out of the clubhead. These are measured in degrees with a standard lie on most 6-irons being 62 degrees. If your lie angle is off even a little bit it will cause your ball to slice or hook even on a perfect swing.

Your pro will also check the grip size, set make-up (how many clubs you need) and clubhead design. In the last few years with the invention of 'hybrids' most amateur players do not want to carry a 2, 3, or even 4 iron. They should carry a hybrid as these clubs are not only easier to hit and offer larger sweet spots, but also get the ball airborne easier.

You don't have to be a low handicapper to need a custom fit set of clubs. That slice you have may be in your swing but it just may be that your clubs are causing it too. Major golf companies do not charge a penny extra to make your clubs custom and they usually arrive in just one week.

I've had students that literally gain 25 yards and turn a slice into a draw just by hitting a different club. It's that much of a difference.

Talk to your pro and set up your club fitting session. It'll be the smartest move you'll ever make with your golf game.


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